At MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Creativity) Kanpur, we don’t just teach animation; we sculpt careers and shape futures. With 16 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand as India’s premier animation training institute. Our courses in animation, gaming, advanced VFX, AR-VR, film-making, graphic and web design, UI/UX are meticulously designed to equip students with industry-relevant skills. Our experienced faculty, top-notch infrastructure, and the latest tools ensure a dynamic learning environment where creativity thrives. We take pride in our alumni who have made their mark in leading production houses and studios globally, such as MPC, Prime Focus, DNEG, Amazon, and more. At MAAC Kanpur, we’re not just building animators; we’re fostering visionaries who will redefine the future of animation. Join us, and let’s create magic together.

About MAAC Kanpur

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower students for long-term success in the dynamic field of animation. We understand that the animation industry is constantly evolving, so our courses are designed to be comprehensive and adaptable, equipping students with a solid foundation in fundamental principles while incorporating the latest advancements and trends. With input from industry experts, our curriculum focuses on practical, hands-on learning experiences that mirror real-world scenarios, ensuring that students develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in their careers. By emphasising both technical proficiency and creative expression, our courses prepare students to tackle the challenges of the animation industry with innovation and resilience, enabling them to thrive and make meaningful contributions throughout their professional journey.

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